Kate O.

I feel incredibly lucky to have Donovan on my team! Amazing service, incredibly compassionate, and genuinely makes sure you understand everything about the legal process. Can’t recommend him enough!

Karen M.

Rodriques Law provided excellent advice, guidance and representation during my recent negotiation with a film distributor for my documentary film. I honestly could not have done it without this firm. Donovan Rodriques gave solid advice about the percentage share of different parts of the agreement. He was very detailed about explaining the consequences of taking different possible actions when I was going through the negotiation. He saved me from agreeing to terms that would have been very costly and have painful consequences later. I highly recommend this firm for any intellectual property related matters.

Nelson C.

I’m an innovative artist with several script ideas for movies/original series. I was websurfing ways to protect my work before ever pitching them & came across Rodriques’ site. I was greeted with a chat box requesting my name & number along with explanation of my visit. After submitting, I was contacted within 30mins via phone call. My queries were thoroughly answered and I was provided with valuable info to the necessary steps in accomplishing my goal. At no time was I solicited. The call was very professional and friendly. I’m grateful for him taking the time to reach out to me promptly and for his expertise with my queries. If ever I am in need of his services during my endeavor, I will most definitely return to him. I recommend his services to anyone based off of his display of complete excellence with just his professionalism and personable candor.

Thank you again for taking the time.

Danielle M.

I’ve been searching for an entertainment lawyer off and on for a while. I almost gave up until Donovan!!! He has been the nicest and most thorough. He takes time to hear your case, your concerns, and answers ALL of your questions (I had tons). He does it with so much grace too!!! Definitely recommend him!

Jonathan T.

My experience with Rodrigues law firm is great, true professionalism and exellent service. Always a pleasure working with this firm because their work is always done in a timely matter which is always a + . I would highly recommend this firm.

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