Our Law Practice.

Our focus is offering quality legal services to companies and individuals in the Film and Television industries. Rodriques Law has a variety of practice areas to meet our clients’ needs and help filmmakers and startups grow.

Donovan Rodriques, Esq.

Creative Legal Counsel

We help our clients to structure, negotiate and execute a range of agreements for a wide variety of industry participants, including motion picture studios, cable and broadcast TV networks, device creators, developers of artificial intelligence and machine learning, and private investors that finance content development, production and distribution.


We’re more than just good attorneys. We treat every client with honesty,  integrity and respect.

Areas of Practice

We are aware that businesses, professionals and creatives these days require diverse and sophisticated legal services. That is why we offer legal services ranging from business entity formation to mergers and acquisitions, from Talent and other production-related agreements to financing transactions.

Entertainment Law

We specialize in working with people and companies in the entertainment business.


Business Law

Working with and for members of the creative industry creates an interesting merger of business and law.

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Rodriques Law offers well-researched blogs and articles relevant to participants in the entertainment business. Useful and practical tips and skills to help filmmakers, investors and entertainment industry entrepreneurs.