Outside General Counsel in New York City

The skilled legal team at Rodriques Law, PLLC serves as outside general counsel in New York City to start-ups and emerging companies in the entertainment, media, sports and technology industries. We act as a trusted advisor to the client and provide counsel and representation on a wide range of transactions, from planning and financing to operating a successful business.

We negotiate and draft complex agreements, close transactions, and help companies finance the purchase of stocks and assets. We assist with corporate governance and compliance, including making sure our clients comply with States’ Blue Sky laws, federal and foreign securities laws, SEC rules and regulations, television network standards, advertising standards, product and service claims substantiation and prudent business best practices.

We counsel start-ups and emerging companies in the successful recruitment and retention of key employees.

We bring experience and logistical organization skills that allow businesses to conceive, structure and execute innovative technology-enabled transactions and creative campaign solutions involving social media, mobile marketing, branded entertainment and product placement. We counsel clients on online privacy and data security regulations governing consumer marketing and advertising, help them to build their brand and license and protect their intellectual property.

How An Attorney Could Assist Your Company

Rodriques Law, PLLC’s provides general counsel to clients in numerous areas of business, including:

  • Business entity formation, including limited liability company (LLC), corporation (S- and C-corp.) and partnership
  • Investment fund formation
  • Partnership, operating and shareholder agreements
  • Business Financing, including IPOs, venture capital financing, private equity fund, “angel” investments, debt financing and mezzanine loans
  • Private placements
  • Tax credits, grants and subsidies
  • Start-up business advice
  • Joint ventures
  • Sponsorship, tie-in and promotion agreements
  • Celebrity endorsements and spokesperson agreements
  • Commercial production agreements
  • Joint promotion agreements
  • Corporate governance
  • Restructurings and reorganizations
  • Licensing, distribution and other commercial arrangements
  • Cross-border transactions
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Purchase and sale of business and buy-sell agreements
  • Asset purchase and stock purchase agreements
  • Bills of sale
  • Investor purchase documents
  • Sales agreements
  • Succession planning
  • Franchising
  • Settlement agreements
  • Voting agreements
  • Standstill and tolling agreements
  • Management contracts
  • Service contracts and “sweat equity” agreements
  • Offer letters
  • Vendor agreements
  • Assignment contracts
  • Profit-sharing agreements
  • Promissory notes and security agreements
  • General business contracts
  • Drafting and reviewing documents, negotiations, and answering clients’ questions
  • Lender/borrower agreements, including lines of credit and commercial loan agreements
  • Business development, including business and market plans
  • Branding, including choice of business name
  • Drafting executive employment agreements
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Work made for hire agreements
  • Internal corporate documentation and employee handbooks and manuals
  • Employment agency license applications, including DCA (Department of Consumer Affairs) talent agency license
  • IP (intellectual property) and technology licensing transactions
  • Music and property licensing agreements
  • Website design and development agreements
  • Website terms of use and privacy policy
  • Confidentiality, non-disclosure and non-competition agreements
  • General releases, including location, personal and publicity release
  • Business tax issues
  • Protection and enforcement of copyrights, trademarks, service marks and trade names
  • Privacy, data collection and data optimization
  • Advising on guild, unions and other labor-related matters
  • Dissolution of business
  • Business name change and other modifications
  • Business divorce, release and separation
  • Business arbitration
  • Corporate resolutions

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