Entertainment Finance

Rodriques Law, PLLC helps clients to raise financing for film, television, theater, music, new media, entertainment technologies and other forms of independent content creation. We counsel clients on how to approach investments, sponsorships and relationships, and connect clients with strategic investors and high-net-worth individuals, sponsors, financial institutions, private equity funds, hedge funds, mezzanine funds, completion guarantors and distributors.


We help individuals, companies or funds to shape and structure debt and equity capital structures of all types. We also help our clients purchase an interest in a property, as well as create motion pictures, television, music and digital platforms, including new original programming for theatrical, non-theatrical, direct to DVD, direct to the Internet and over-the-top (OTT) or digital video streaming platforms.


In addition, we counsel, advise and collaborate with our clients on assembling targeted pitch documents, treatments and target list of buyers needed to get the project financed. We are proactive in spotting strategy issues and helping corporations run smoothly and obtaining capital.

Explore Our Service

Rodriques Law, PLLC’s areas of representation include:

  • Slate financing
  • Co-financing, split-rights financings and gap financings
  • Negative pick-up transactions
  • Output deals
  • First-look deals
  • Private equity investments;
  • Completion bonds
  • “Soft money” tax credits financing and other film incentive programs throughout the United States, the Caribbean and other international jurisdictions
  • Crowdfunding campaigns
  • Advertising campaigns and sponsorship deals
  • Equity-based endorsement deals, including stock options and partnerships
  • Monetization of data (data rights)
  • Interfacing with the SEC, negotiating the offerings and/or financing documents and writing memos

We assist media, entertainment companies and talent to connect and work with key industry players with the resources that can help to further their business and creative initiatives. In addition, our legal expertise and understanding of our clients’ businesses and objectives allow us to give practical advice for prudent decision-making.


Being familiar with the applicable foreign law, and working with local counsel who advise us, we handle deals involving transactions with foreign entities. We serve clients from all over the world, including Canada, the United Kingdom, China, Japan, India, Brazil, Bahamas, Bermuda, Trinidad and Jamaica.

Our global client base includes:

  • Entertainment and media companies
  • Motion picture and television producers, directors, distributors, writers, actors and crew
  • Private equity, venture capital and film funds
  • High-net-worth individuals
  • Talent agencies and talent management companies
  • Playwrights, composers, songwriters, musicians and performing artists
  • Athletes, models and child entertainers