Business Law

The modern entertainment industry comes with responsibilities that require business savvy in addition to artistic talents. With sound business judgment and legal savvy, Rodriques Law PLLC helps start-ups and emerging companies with organization, structuring, strategy, networking, compensation, capitalization, and uncovering and assessing the hidden risks and exposures associated with new business relationships, potential acquisitions or investments.


Rodriques Law PLLC helps with the creation of new businesses, in the form of limited liability companies and other unincorporated business ventures, partnerships and traditional business corporations. We focus on matters both internal to these structures, such as the variable fiduciary duties that exist in them, as well as their relationship to many other areas of law including taxation, employment, and securities regulation.


We are our clients’ best ally in helping them grow their business while avoiding legal and financial pitfalls along the way.

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Our core areas of practice include:

  • Outside general counsel
  • Business formation
  • Business financing
  • Mergers and Acquisition