New York City Talent Lawyer

At Rodriques Law, PLLC, our New York City talent lawyer advises, counsels and represents individuals in all areas of the entertainment industry, including film, television, music, publishing, live theater and sports.

What Types of Clients Do We Work With?

Our client base includes:

  • Writer
  • Director
  • Producer
  • Performer
  • Influencer
  • Key Crew (i.e. Production Designer, Costume Designer, Director of Photography and Editor)
  • Showrunner
  • Model
  • Record Producer
  • Songwriter
  • Performing Artist
  • Film Score Composer
  • Band and Musician
  • Still Photographer
  • Novelist
  • Playwright
  • Journalist
  • Athlete

Our talent attorneys collaborate with our clients’ agents, managers, employers and production companies, serving our clients in ways that enable them to work to the best of their abilities, while balancing creative, technical and fiscal limitations to create their best work possible. We help our clients in their ongoing professional career, including in their communication, interpersonal, negotiation, scheduling, budgeting and creative skills.

Rodriques Law, PLLC’s Areas of Representation

  • Film and television producing, acting, writing, and directing agreements
  • Talent management, talent agent and business management agreements
  • Employment contracts for senior-level motion picture, television and music executives
  • Letters of intent, deal memos, free form letter agreements, short form agreements, as wells as certificates of engagement, results and proceeds, or authorship
  • Celebrity endorsement arrangements
  • Profit participation audits and analysis for talent/producer participations
  • Protection of celebrities’ privacy and publicity rights during their lifetime and for their heirs
  • Guild, unions and other labor-related matters, including SAG-AFTRA, DGA, WGA, Teamsters and IATSE
  • Protection of intellectual property assets, including literary, film and television rights
  • Income tax matters
  • General career and wealth planning
  • Legal support for tours and appearances by music performers

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